Reporting Pollution

Reporting to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

You can report non-urgent pollution events to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), the link to the relevant page is below.

Make a report

Click our ‘Report to SEPA’ button above and then select the ‘go to map’ button from half way down the SEPA incident reporting page.

You will need to following information to report a spillage;

Location: SEPA has a map function which allows you to select your location exactly. You can allow the website to access your phone location data if you prefer, a pop up will alert you to this.

Details of the incident: You will need to provide the date and time of the pollution incident you are witnessing. You can also report if it seems to be ongoing (i.e. you can see a spillage happening) or whether it seems to have stopped. You can describe the incident and give any other details you think may be useful.

Photograph: You can upload a photograph of the incident from your phone.

Contact details: You will asked for your contact details, so SEPA can acknowledge your report and update you on the outcome.