Mission & Aims

We are a group of local residents, from various locations along the River Almond, who are concerned about the volume of sewage related debris and sewage pollution being released into our river from CSOs, septic tanks and Wastewater Treatment Works. We recognise that this is an issue impacting waters worldwide and we hope the the Almond can be viewed as being a form of positive community action for those who use the river, now and into the future.

Our primary concern related to East Calder Wastewater Treatment Works. Locals were bemused to often see spills containing combined sewage being released into the storm and sewage-related debris (SRD) lining the river banks. We were alarmed by the lack of public awareness and lack of responsibility between stakeholders for people, dogs and wildlife who use the river. 

From Spring to Autumn 2021, we supported the Forth Rivers Trust’s Bathing Waters Application for a section of the Almond in the popular Almondell and Calderwood Country Park. Alongside Forth Rivers Trust and Friends of Almondell and Calderwood Country Park, we engaged with hundreds of locals and visitors who use the park and river for recreational purposes and undertook surveys. We expected an announcement related to the application to be made in February 2022.

The Almond has 6 Wastewater Treatment Works along its banks. There are another 5 on its tributaries.

During Spring 2022, we will be supporting Forth Rivers Trust’s Outfall Safari programme along the River Almond. We encourage you to sign up also!