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  • RAAG Responds to Scottish Water, Waste and Drainage Policy Consultation

    RAAG has responded to the Scottish Government’s “Water, waste and drainage policy consultation which closes on Wednesday 21st February, 2024. Details at the Scottish Government website; This consultation follows the Climate Change Committee’s recognition of, and recommendations around, Scotland’s precious water resource. Current legislation needs to be strengthened in order to responsibly manage a […]

  • #Cleanriverpledge

    Our #Stopthesewage Pledge Today we launch our #CleanRiverPledge In 2019, waste water treatment plants discharged untreated sewage 501 times totalling 572,577 cubic litres (that’s 230 olympic size swimming pools) of untreated sewage into the River Almond, and with it, sewage debris such as wet wipes and sanitary products. Raw sewage and sewage related debris is […]